Rocking the party one selection at a time. Crystal Dreams Music is your number one choice if you are having a big event like a wedding or a small event like a Birthday party, we treat every event with the same magnitude, our main goal is to make the event memorable and make sure everyone has a great time.

Our Team

DJ Selektra

Selektra is the female DJ on the team, she delivers all genres of music and is leading by example. Letting the masses know that you can do whatever you want regardless of your gender, this is her message to not only girls out there but boys as well.

Omar Sharif

Omar is the original member of the team, making mix tapes when it was a thing, progressing to mix cd's when it was a thing and just enjoying the journey along the way. The art of djaying, the various styles and skills is what keeps Omar passionate about the entire scene.

Mixing 100%
Selection 100%
Collection 100%
Customer Service 100%